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How to file a ‘Copyright’ online
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Copyright law protects original works of authoriship (i.e. you created it) when the original work is "fixed in tangible form" (not just an "idea" ).

Copyright applications are a way to register your work so that if anyone infringes the work, you can file an action for copyright infringement in federal court.

Without the copyright registration or application you cannot file to protect your work. If too much time passes, you may be barred from bringing any action forever. Click HERE for general information about copyrights.

Filing a copyright online has never been easier. You can use our simple one page form, and if your work is in digital form you can submit it to us electronically.

We'll do the rest! Even if your work is in printed or tangible form, once you submit your request, we will provide you with a mailing address to send a copy of your work for submission with your copyright application.


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